Welcome to EveTrak v0.3

EveTrak is a web based tool to assist people in tracking their skill training in Eve Online. It was born out of frustration at the complete lack of Mac/Linux software to do this. I needed this functionality, so I created it for myself. I am sharing it with the world for anyone else who needs it.

This is a developemental copy of the software and as such, errors and failures will occur in the use of this. If you notice any issues, please let me know.

Contact Me at 'adam.bellmore' at gmail.

If you want to see what it offers, check it out here.
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Item Database Last Updated For: APOCRYPHA

v0.3 Changes 05/19/2009

v0.23 Changes 04/14/2009

v0.22 Changes 04/13/2009

v0.21 Changes 03/31/2009

v0.2 Changes 03/30/2009

v0.1 Changes 03/15/2009

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